Danielle was born on a small farm in Kamloops, raised by a gang of farm

cats and her loving family. She first became interested in photography at

Westsyde Secondary where she fell in love with the dark room process. She

later got a job at TRU Omega student newspaper where she worked for

over a year as the photo editor. She then decided to enroll at TRU where she

took 2 years of photography and in that time photographed her very first panorama of a theater.

In 2002, she moved to Victoria B.C. where she furthered her education in

photography with an intensive ten month course at the Western Academy

Of Photography. After graduating Danielle remained in Victoria for another

seven years where she grew her portfolio of theaters and did several


In 2009, Danielle decided to move to Montreal Q.C. She attended Concordia

University and took a Photoshop course. For seven years she remained in

Montreal and did a multitude of exhibitions all over eastern Canada. She

had several works published in magazines and has several pieces on

permanent display in theaters around Montreal. While in Montreal she

photographed thirty nine theaters, she hopes to create a

photographic and historical book of the Montreal theaters.

In 2016, she moved once again this time back to her home town and the

beautiful landscape of Kamloops B.C. These days she photographs nature

and landscapes of all kinds. She continues to submit her Montreal Theater

book to editors.

All Photos are © Danielle Demers
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